I need a $1,000 Loan. Should I get a cash advance payday loan?

If you are asking yourself this question, the answer is "it depends". Read On!

Cash advance payday loans, also referred to as cash till payday loans or post-dated check loans are best for people, who find themselves in a temporarily financial hardship that can be relieved with a loan up to $1,000.


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Getting A Cheap $1000 Payday Loan

Payday Loans At Low Interest Rates

If you can borrow money from friends and family, then do so and avoid paying a fee. If getting a loan from your family or close friends is not an option, then a cash advance loan may be your only true option.

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What is the difference between a personal loan from my bank and cash advance payday loan?

Most banks don't offer small short term loans. In addition, banks need full and thorough documentation of your assets, including the value of your home (if you are a homeowner), automobiles or any other assets that you might have. Liabilities must also be disclosed - car loans, home mortgage payments, credit card payments, child support, alimony, garnishments, etc.

Most importantly, you have to have excellent credit - which means a credit score of over 720.
Cash advance lenders have lax loan requirements, which make it possible for a large segment of the population to get a loan. If you have very bad credit or no credit history, you can still get a loan as long as you are employed.

In summary, a payday cash advance is best for emergency situations. If you can repay the loan and smoothly transition from a financial crisis - you are fine.

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Credit score qualifications

All credit scores considered: 400, 420, 425, 430, 450, 460, 470, 480, 490, 500, 510, 520, 525, 530 & up

Cheap Payday Loan Qualifications

  • Must earn $1000 or more per month after deductions
  • Must have a checking or savings account
  • Must be employed for 3 months or more

  • I need a $1000 Loan. Should I get a cash advance payday loan?

    Where can I find a reputable online payday cash advance loan?

    I need a payday advance loan but I have an unestablished credit history

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